Back in 1985 Moda Shoes commenced its way in the world of footwear manufacturing, with the experience of previous generations as connoisseurs of the footwear industry. Our main focus was to offer a special type of shoe specially designed to improve the correct development of the children foot. At Moda Shoes we combine
technology and traditional shoes making in our manufacturing process to guaranty the safety,
comfort and flexibility of the infant foot with shoes that follow the paediatric indications.
By this way we can assure a correct and healthy development in the children growing up.

Moda Shoes is guaranteed by our many years experience in the
footwear-manufacturing sector as an outstanding, creative and innovative
company. Our styles trend shows the combination of lines, shapes and
colours that make of each pair of shoes an exclusive and technology
advanced piece of design to fit the infantile foot and offer free movement and
up-to-date fashion. Moda Shoes is always present at the most important moments of
Kids life, from their very first steps to reaching their adolescent age.

At Moda Shoes we carry out a methodical manufacturing
process in our shoes production, using the most advanced
technology together with the traditional craftsman making,
to achieve the best finishing in our shoes. By combining high quality materials and rubber sole-units we can offer the best footwear choice for children, which will agree to the natural movement of their fee

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